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Cuzzin Rando: American Song-writer and Rapper 

Written by Minh Tran for BayStyle Magazine, LLC


During the imminent release of his highly anticipated album, one of Bay Area's hottest and future rappers-song writers will take a stand and make an impression by introducing a new sound to the Hip-Hop and Alternative music industries. 


Randy, aka Cuzzin Rando, grew up in the Bay Area listening to the greatest songs by artists such as Nas, Tupac, Biggie Smalls, and Mac Dre. Since then, Cuzzin Rando has developed an intimacy with rap and the music scene in the Bay Area. His passion led him to attend and graduate from music school, where he now works as a music producer in his own right. 


"From the time I was a small child, I have always been a musician, making beats on any surface I could get my hands on in Hunter's Point in San Francisco. I knew that I was destined for something big when I made those sounds," said Cuzzin Rando. 


In California, the hip-hop music scene is dominated by rappers in the rap genre. Rando realized that he could be a valuable asset by becoming a sound engineer by recording his own music. He lives and performs in Oakland, California, one of the most vibrant and lively scenes in the Bay Area. 


Throughout Hunters Point, Oakland, Sacramento, and finally San Jose, he followed his dream of becoming a musician and got a bachelor's degree in music. He writes the lyrics of his songs, and he produces them in his home studio. He loves collaborating with other artists as well as experimenting with different types of music. 


Randy sat down with his booking manager, Karla, to discuss some issues in the industry, and this is what he said. 


When did you start your production?


Cuzzin Rando: I started the freelance music initiative in 2018 to showcase my music creation and to promote young talent on the rise in the Rap Scene. 


What was the reason why you wanted to expand into a music group?


Cuzzin Rando: The Bay Area has been my home my entire life, as I am half black and half Filipino. The two cultural groups I am a part of don't fit me well. The only place where I felt like I belonged was in the music community, and I wanted to create this platform for others to discover themselves. 


We know that your passion is in music. Can you tell me more about your vision a year from now?


Karla: Randy has set an excellent example for young artists trying to follow in his footsteps. In his community, we see him giving back. In the future, being recognized as an at-risk youth center would be nice. 


How is covid affecting you and the music production?


Cuzzin Rando: Covid has sabotaged many of our concert planning plans. The fact that we are unable to promote your music releases has affected us financially. 


If you can summarize your sound, what would it be?


Cuzzin Rando: I would say that legendary rap artists have inspired me to borrow their sound and style in the game, such as Nas, Biggie, and Tupac.


Who would you dedicate this album to?


Cuzzin Rando: It has been a long, hard road for me. My mother died of cancer this year, which has been especially difficult. My life was a mystery to me. My mother and the people who support me now were on my mind as I wrote these songs. Thus, I dedicate this album to my loved ones, especially my mother! 


"Growing up in the San Francisco Bay Area, he dreamed of sound, rhythm, and beats. It was during his first rap session in his neighborhood that he discovered his passion for music. Then, besides freestyling and listening to beats, he also became affiliated with songwriting and freestyling." said Karla, Cuzzin Rando's bookings manager from Ridin High Entertainment.


Eventually, this led him to start a music production group that helps nurture new and young talents in the bay—they perform and produce their independent albums. Currently, Cuzzin Rando and his team have collaborated with a San Francisco-based Design and Marketing group called to relaunch the brand's image. 


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