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Now, as a fully-fledged recording artist, nothing has changed. He’s still passionate about creating cutting-edge hip-hop music. Cuzzin Rando is inspired by legendary acts such as Tupac, Biggie Smalls, and Mac Dre, to mention but a few artists. Cuzzin Rando explores both the East and West coast hip-hop styles. In his music, he bridges the gap between them with his contemporary sound.


One of the things that make Cuzzin Rando stand out in the hip-hop scene is his lyrical approach. He has a direct and impactful flow that dives into his thoughts, ideas, and experiences.


The artist raps about his struggles in life, which showcases his authentic side. Cuzzin Rando has just released a brand new single, “Real Love”.

The record explores heartbreak and love. This single is timely, thought-provoking, and contemporary. It also features Cuzzin Rando’s signature rap flow and performance style. 

Cuzzin Rando

Biography: Cuzzin Rando is a song writer/rapper/producer hailing from San Francisco, California. Ever since he was young, Cuzzin Rando has been inspired to write song lyrics, improvise rap flows, and create beats.

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